Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex

You know me! Anything goes when it comes to erotic hypnosis phone sex but I should warn you that I do have a few favorites. Some taboo fantasies that run through my mind so lets make that happen tonight.
Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex
Of course, there is cuckold hypnosis fantasy because weak minded, weak dicked little cucks are always a treat and putting them under hypnosis and using them — why not!


Fun Phone Sex

Ya Ok – so I SUCK at blogging. If you have called me and done some hot phone sex then you have known for a while that I suck at blogging — so not shocking that I blew it off for a couple of months — right?

Kisses to B — I never did do that longer post but we have had some fun since then so smoochies for your dirty mind.

And fake B — our call last week – NASTY. And I fully expect you to do your CUM SOAKED assignment or I am going to be seriously disappointed!!!

Anyway, going to try to be more responsible — DYING laughing at that — and blog more often


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Hypnosis Phone Sex

sissy faggot phone sex

There is nothing like hearing the words that you are trying erotic hypnosis for the first time – delightful! My hypnotic trance will be your first and it will be the one you crave forever when you are seeking out that mind control experience. What will my hypnotic trigger command you to do? Really it does depend on the hypnosis fantasy that brings you to me that will depend on the hypnotic suggestion I place within your mind during our erotic hypnosis phone sex session. I assure you it will be fetish based and it will be something you expect yet at the same time do not expect – and that is what makes it all the more wonderful


Money Slavery Phone Sex

Oh Look Sissy Losers craving Findom…..

I know that there are some financial domination Mistresses that think it’s “cute” or “hot” to dress their brand new sissy phone sex slave up, but I really can’t find anything but humor in the entire situation to be entirely honest. I think that the only roleplay that is appropriate for a sissy boy is anything that will exacerbate his humiliation. After all a Greedy Money Mistress like myself is only looking for sheer amusement during our humiliation phone sex time. Your real purpose is to amuse me, pay me and then fuck off until I need a stupid wallet loser faggot again — right!
gfe phone sex
I mean, sure, I will just *love* your sissy phone sex session for the right **price**. I mean do you really think that a sexy, smart woman like me would really get off on a weak, pathetic loser such as yourself? You would be better suited on your knees licking the soles of my feet or maybe even choking on a rather large strap on just so I don’t have to listen to your voice for a moment longer.
I figure that if a man is going to be WEAK like every cocksucking sissy boy I have ever met, then he might as well submit to financial domination and REAL money slavery. You will never be nothing more than a humiliation phone sex slut to a strict money mistress like me and you know that as well as I do — No — Sadly. . .
You are *such* a loser that you could only ASPIRE to be a sissy boy that would be ALLOWED to endure humiliation during our cheap phone sex call.

So grab your lipstick and write ATM on your forehead and call me, sissy loser.

Princess Hollie

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Cuckold Phone Sex

cuckold phone sex

Do you have any idea what my favorite thing is to do to a small-dicked sissy phone sex loser like you?

I like to cuckold losers like you, of course!

I mean, let’s tell the truth here. If your cock is so small that you’re covering it up in panties and passing for a girl, there’s no way YOU’LL ever get to fuck a queen like me. The best you can hope for is to be present while I fuck someone else, someone else with a big black cock, to be exact!

It’s so much fun to laugh at a sissy cuckold like you while I’m pounded by my big stud’s BBC. You can pretend like you don’t like it, but we both know that small penis humiliation makes your little tiny cock SO hard underneath those pink silky panties you’re wearing.
Actually, the only thing that makes a sissy slut like you harder than being laughed at is participating in a forced bi scenario.

So why don’t you get down on your knees and be a fluffer boy for me? I need his cock to be nice and hard before he comes to bed with me!
Ready for some cuckold phone sex? Talk soon!


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Cum Eating Phone Sex

cum eating fetish

So most of the hotties who call me know that cum eating is one of my specialties and for those who are more vanilla, I will spell it out — IT IS NOT JUST ME EATING IT!!!

Yes, you eating your own cum (or someone else’s if you are really nasty!) is extremely hot. I love when there are those quiet moaners like Fake B who is a super hot cum eater and he really turns me on with his super quiet polite style but then I can hear him licking his fingers — HOT!!

And today M was on the phone with me in a full Huck a Buck with his legs up over his head and ready to nut in his mouth. How fucking hot is that!! I mean a lot of men can’t even get in that position and well if I was there live, damn, I would probably nail him with a strap on or at least play with that ass in the air while he came all over his face and showed me what cum eating fetish is all about!!


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